About Joe

My name is Joe Kane and I’m running for Burlington City Council in Ward 3. 

I love living in the Old North End where I swim at the YMCA, shop at City Market, bike and paddle by the waterfront, and serve as the primary caretaker for my grandma. At the same time, I recognize that many folks in our ward are having a very hard time, and I want to continue the work that outgoing City Councilor Joe Magee has undertaken in our ward and in our city to work to improve the quality of life for every Burlingtonian. 

I’m a community activist and an economist with experience researching and teaching housing, healthcare, and environmental policy. My main focus as a city councilor would be on tax fairness, community safety, housing accessibility, and climate solutions. 

You can read more about my ideas on my platform page. You can also hear me speak on The Morning Drive, at a Town Meeting TV forum, or at an NPA debateRun on Climate and Sunrise Champlain Valley have endorsed, along with the following local leaders:

"I strongly endorse Joe Kane. His passion, skills, and love of community are what we need to tackle Burlington's problems and bring balance to the city council. Joe structures his life around care for his grandma, speaks courageously at rallies and community forums, and is supremely knowledgeable about the policy choices that lie in front of us. I would be honored to serve with Joe."

Melo Grant, Central District City Councilor and former Police Commissioner

"During this housing and affordability crisis, Ward 3 needs leadership who will advocate for working class renters and address equity issues in our tax system. Joe Kane’s background in housing finance, auditing, and academic research uniquely position him to hit the ground running on the council. I look forward to collaborating with Joe on his vision for the future on issues such as housing and affordability while addressing climate issues and election finance reforms. Burlington's sense of community, its commitment to sustainability and to a robust democratic process will all face brighter prospects with Joe representing Ward 3."

–  David Zuckerman, Lieutenant Governor

“Joe Kane brings integrity, intelligence and compassion. From public safety to affordable housing, he is deeply committed to improving our city and diving into policy making that will improve our city and quality of life for all.”

– Max Tracy, former City Council President

I endorse Joe because he's got the commitment, values, skills and experience we need to deal with the issues the Old North End and city face. As an economist, he's well positioned to help us address our housing affordability crisis and help reform our regressive property tax system. He's committed to a vibrant local democratic process at a time when the calls to shut down debate are increasing. He supports a comprehensive community safety system and aggressively fighting climate change. His care of his grandmother reflects values we need in our elected reps. Joe Kane is right for Ward 3 and Burlington.”

Gene Bergman, Ward 2 City Councilor

“In the midst of a housing and homelessness crisis, we need leaders committed to bold, proven solutions. We need leaders who will focus on tangibly impacting our community, not political rhetoric. Joe will be that person. I have seen firsthand Joe’s level of engagement in this community and it is clear that he has the policy expertise and vision to hit the ground running. With my time on council coming to an end, Joe has my full trust to lead our community forward.”

Joe Magee, Ward 3 City Councilor

My endorsement of Joe Kane for Burlington City Council is unequivocal. We need leaders who do their research and base their decision making on what is best for all Burlingtonians. Leaders who do not define leadership as a means to popularity, but as a means to progress toward a better Burlington for all. This is the kind of leader Joe will be.”

Ed Baker ACSW, Host/Producer Addiction Recovery Channel (ARC)


Photo credit: Owen Leavey

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